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Grapeness Spa Fundraiser

Girls Achieve Grapeness: Spa Fundraiser

Violence against women isn’t some theoretical problem that only impacts strangers. It is a real and pervasive issue that affects you, your chapter and your campus. Over 40% of women experience dating abuse in college, and 1 in 5 are sexually assaulted.

The nail polish you’re selling funds JWI’s work to end violence against all women and girls. Selling nail polish is a great start – it helps fund JWI’s work across the country. But why not use this opportunity to educate and start conversations on your campus about violence against women?

The following guide gives you the tools you need to hold a meaningful and fun spa day to raise money for JWI as well as talk about sexual assault.  It’s set up like a normal spa with a waiting area, manicurist stations and a drying area – but at every station, there are materials to view or discuss about enthusiastic consent. You’ll leave the spa with great nails and a lot to think about! 

The following is a general planning guide plus materials for each station. These are a starting point -- you can adapt this and make it your own. 

Questions? New ideas? Want to run something by JWI? Contact Dana Fleitman, JWI’s senior manager of prevention and training programs, at or 202.464.4831.

General Planning Guide

Choose and reserve a space

  • You want something big enough to house the event, but intimate enough that small groups can have real conversations – consider limiting it to 30 people at a time total in the spa.
  • You want some privacy and/or space between stations, particularly because there’s video in the second one. 
  •  Consider an appointment system to stagger groups (i.e., have 5-10 people come every 10 minutes and go through the stations with each other).
  • Tell people to plan on spending 45 minutes in the spa. 
  • Consider what “spa hours” make sense – consider having the event over two days if possible (i.e., Monday and Tuesday from 5-8pm)
  • Recruit your team
  • You’ll need someone at each station leading the conversations as well as people to sell the nail polish and take photos for the last station.
  • Consider having a few people to “float” and help where needed.
  • Consider shifts so it’s not too burdensome if your spa is open for many hours.


  • Decide who the event is for – is it for SDT only, or open to everyone? Advertise to the appropriate groups.
  • Consider partnering with a sexual assault prevention group on your campus.
  • Flyers are included to help you get the word out.

Set Up

  • Have a place for walk-ins to just buy the nail polish if they can’t stay for the event.
  • Show up an hour early to set everything up.
  • You’ll need a reception desk, waiting area with chairs, manicurist stations, a drying station and a space for photos. See each station details for a complete list of materials.
  • Print and set up the attached materials (i.e., ads, conversation questions).

Wrap Up

  • Take pictures of the event and share!
  • Share your feedback with JWI

Download the Spa Event Materials: