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We'd love to help you bring Girls Achieve Grapeness! to your school, campus, youth group or town. 

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How to Get Involved

ready to get involved?

We have a few suggestions, but feel free to get creative.

Invite another sorority, fraternity or campus group to join you in a Safe Smart Dating workshop – discuss issues surrounding sexual assault on college campuses. (Contact Deborah Rosenbloom for more information,

Share pictures of yourself and your friends wearing the Grapeness nail polish to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to tag Girls Achieve Grapeness!, JWI and SDT, and use hashtag #Grapeness so we can see your pictures and stories.

Share or tweet your own moment of #Grapeness, and encourage others to do the same: When have you, as a girl or a woman, felt most powerful? Achieved your greatest goal? Stood up for yourself or someone else? Changed your life for the better? Start the conversation! 

Meet with campus officials and discuss ideas for making your campus safe for all women.

Offer $10 manicures that include a bottle of Girls Achieve Grapeness! nail polish.

Sponsor a yoga class – follow up with discussion of body image and the emotional empowerment that comes with physical strength and awareness.

Bring a group to D.C. and join JWI for a day on Capitol Hill, advocating for legislation and policies that strengthen women’s safety, health and economic security.



Partner with your campus assault prevention group to host an awareness event or speaker, or to organize a nighttime candlelit walk to raise awareness about violence against women.

Hand out purple balloons and cards with domestic violence statistic on campus – use JWI’s list, card template and instructions.

Host a theme date party or designate a day on campus for everyone to dress in purple (and wear Girls Acheive Grapeness! nail polish).

Download the Grapeness customizable flyer and social media resources to get the word out and promote Grapeness events in your area.